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The initial impression of your brand dictates success or failure, interest or apathy, hit or miss. It needs to entice and captivate. In an ocean of adverts, your brand needs to break through and shine.

One of the best ways to do that is with outstanding packaging

At Creative Designs, we have the means and skill to bring your packaging dreams to realisation. Making sure your beloved product is enveloped in an eye-catching, high-quality packaging system, enhancing awareness of your product, and design that best suits your business image.

In addition, packaging can be a great marketing tool. We can gear packaging to suit holidays, special occasions and business functions, resulting in great corporate gifts for treasured business colleagues, or important clientele, bearing designs customised by you.

We can produce package design to your required specifications. We create powerful product and retail packaging design, innovative packaging concepts and engaging graphic design. We can package just about anything, from wine bottles to coffee mugs, to glassware and cutlery; utilise our packaging service to customise your stock or promotional gift appearance.

Every product needs packaging; E-mail now to spark your product packaging design revolution.

Packaging FAQ

What type of packaging do we need?

When choosing your packaging you need to consider both how it looks and functionality. Good packaging will entice consumers, create brand awareness and also protect your product from breakage. We are happy to discuss your packaging requirements with you to find the best solution. 

What type of materials can be used for packaging?

Packaging can come in many different shapes, sizes and materials. It can be made from cardboard (boxes), paper, cloth material, wood, foil or glass. If you have another kind of material in mind, let us know and we will get a quote together for you. 

What do you need from us to be able to do our packaging?

Please supply us with your logo (high resolution, 300dpi, preferably PDF format). You also need to send us all the information that you want to appear on your packaging. 

Do you do the printing and folding for packaging?

Yes, we do offer printing and folding for packaging. If you need printing done by us, please advise us on the quantities that need to be printed and this will then be added to the quote.

How long does it take to design product packaging?

Packaging design usually takes between 4 to 6 working days if all relevant information is supplied in good time. Feedback and changes may push this deadline out. 

What needs to be included on the packaging?

The most important elements for any packaging are your logo, the name of the product, quantity and safety information. Ingredients need to be listed for food items. The barcode and instructions of use also need to appear somewhere on the packaging. 

Is it really that important to have packaging?

Packaging is very important. It is part of your brand and your consumers’ experience. 

Why would you need packaging?

Your product packaging is an important element in how your consumers experience your brand. It is used to entice consumers, and is a recognisable part of your brand. 

What is packaging used for?

Packaging entices the consumer to buy your product. It needs to be appealing and easy to recognize. 

What is packaging?

Packaging is the outside covering or box that a product comes in. Your packaging should be enticing, and clearly state what product it contains. Your company or brand logo should be on the packaging as well as any important safety and care instructions. 

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Graphic Design Services

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