Creative Designs | South Africa Website & Graphic Design Fri, 21 Oct 2016 06:04:35 +0200 en-gb (Website & Graphic Design South Africa | Professional Graphic Designers) Payment Options Credit Card With our new Credit Card payment option, you're now able to select if you'd like to put your payment on budget!


Enjoy a discounted rate when you pay 100% of the project in full, upfront by EFT.

50% Deposit with final 50% on signoff

You have a choice of paying 50% of the invoice to initiate the project. The 50% balance is payable upon artwork approval, or within 30 days of project commencement, whichever comes first. Once the balance is paid in full, all of the source files and high resolution documents will be sent to you.

6 Month Installments

Our 6 month payment option has been especially geared to our clients that do not currently have the capital to invest into a 50/50 payment option. This option is only available for projects over R6000 excl vat. The first installment is the deposit to initiate the project and the final 5 installments can be paid through debit order, transferred manually with a 10% interest on the total amount. Final artwork will be released once the balance of the project has been paid for.


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Copywriting Words have meaning; words have power. Words have the ability to transform your business from just another company to a household name; from a listing in a directory to the first choice customers make. Our skilled writers will make sure that your company’s story is being told the right way, in all the right places.

Our writing services include: websites; social media content development; marketing and advertising strategies; long and short advertising and marketing copy, from billboards to brochures; company profiles; financial writing; features; advertorials; coffee-table books; publications; articles; company reports; radio and TV scripts; translation services; editing and proofreading; and even Curricula Vitae.

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homepage ]]> (Hassan Vawda) ROOT Tue, 09 Jun 2015 11:17:41 +0200 The eCommerce Web Design Specialists ecommerce website design and developmentWe Design eCommerce Sites That Sell.

Online shopping has exploded throughout South Africa over the last 5 years. Savvy businesses are recognising the power of the web and the cost effective and convenient nature of selling online. Don't get left behind...

Developing a high quality e-commerce website is not a simple matter. Besides the extensive design and development work, one has to liaise with banks, payment providers and courier companies, as well as integrating with accounting or ERP systems. Fortunately, we're here to help.

At Creative Designs, we work with you to build a high performance online store for your business. Our eCommerce solutions include everything you need to sell your products online. Featuring a powerful and use friendly CMS, you'll be able to manage all aspects of your eCommerce website yourself. Each site is custom designed to suit your business', and your clients' needs.

Our Shopping Carts are fully integrated into your site's custom design. You'll also have complete control over adding, removing and editing products and categories, and full customer section to manage order and tons more.

We want you to succeed online, so we cover all the bases and provide comprehensive training to get you off to the right start.

Get Started Now - Request A Quote Or Call Us On 011 027 8225

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eBrochure Design Your business is your pride and joy and we offer you an eBrochure service that best reflects your product, your capability, your name.

Versed in design and sound compositional techniques, we provide full colour eBrochures that abound in taste, professional layout and high quality components.

With a full range of FREE colour photos to suit your needs, and content writers that will gear your product details or company features to best project your intent, we pride ourselves in meeting all your specified eBrochure requirements.

Ask us now how we can design you your ideal eBrochure.

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Web Banner Design Your advertising campaign should make use of every available medium. Not only should you be vying for attention in magazines and on billboards, but so should you be utilising the immense possibilities offered by online advertising.

At Creative Designs, we offer you full Web Banner design services and with ‘click-through’ capabilities. Watch as we gear your online advertising to new heights.

Available in a range of sizes, your Web Banner design will be expertly reproduced to reflect your corporate identity, and function effectively for the online landscape.

From rectangles and pop-ups, to banners, buttons and skyscrapers; our range of web advertising services are sure to garner you the attention of many.

Contact us now for a full list of Web Banner sizes, and use the power of the web to project your product and presence.

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Website Re-design Is it difficult to make updates to your website to reflect new products or changes in your business? Is your website our not bringing you the number of visitors and customers that you expected? It might be time for a redesign.

The performance of your website hinges on a specific set of elements. These elements are a combination of your website’s visual appeal, its copy and overall selling ability, and its ease-of-navigation and function.

If these elements aren’t working together, your site’s fundamental message and capacity to perform, is compromised.

If this is the case with your site: lack of performance through unsatisfactory planning and content implementation, or if you just need an overhaul, something new; then it may be time for a website re-design.

At Creative Designs, we understand that customers to your site need to be able to find what they are looking for, in the shortest period of time possible. We know that a site that is not easily navigated suffers abandonment and very quickly loses its ability to retain visitors and effectively convey your intent.

We offer you full web re-design consulting, and with our website construction knowledge, as well as our content writing and selling know-how, we can ‘freshen’ even your most tepid or out-of-date content.

Your website, in addition, needs the most effective and up-to-date content that utilises, through key word repetition, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and the best possible search engine rank. We will gear your site, through selective keyword-laden content, to an SEO ranking mirroring your business acumen and your own love for your company; and all without sacrificing readership and the experience, for your clients, of being on a beautiful and well-designed website.

Don’t delay! The longer you wait the more dysfunctional and ineffective your site becomes. Contact us now for a quote on re-designing your existing website to utilise the elements needed to regain maximum productivity. More simply, though, act now and let us help you obtain a website that you can be proud to associate your brand and name with.

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HTML Web Design Website design is not always about creativity and the balancing of elements to create something visually pleasing. Creating your ideal website goes further below the surface, and relies on a specific language that allows browsers to interpret the features of your site.

At Creative Designs, we have extensive knowledge on programming and coding with HyperText Markup Language, or HTML. The HTML language forms the building blocks of your site, and allows browsers all over the world to convert your website’s language into the features-ridden and beautiful piece of artwork it has the potential to be.

HTML coding is exceedingly important, as it allows people to SEE your website with the intended effect; it’s as simple as that. But, to be most rewarding, HTML programming must be done by those with the know-how and experience to code with style; code with aplomb and to code with maximum effect in mind.

HTML coding, allows web browsers all over the world to interpret specific tags included in the language. These tags make it possible for content such as images, lists, active links and all other forms of content to be interpreted and shown to the desired effect, to anyone wishing to view your site.

Ask us how, using our superior coding knowledge, we can create for you a site that utilises HTML to the level where anything regarding your website’s vision is possible, and to the level that lends a certain power to your site, in its superior structure. We will code your site using the basic elements of web design and composition, while at the same time, implementing the science of language coding, to ensure the correct and tasteful positioning of all your website’s most important and relevant features.

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Content Management System (CMS) Updating, maintaining and controlling the content of your newly designed, professional website need not be the complicated exercise implied: our Content Management System allows you full control in updating and maintaining your site. You can now have full control over everything on your site from editing/formatting text, adding your own photos/images, and much, much more. You can keep your site up-to-date and fresh, and the best part is, you can do it for free!

This Content Management System is specially designed for NON-TECHNICAL users and is geared to your budget and business requirements.

Content Management System Design Features Include:

  • Your corporate branding, colours and trademark interwoven into all sequences and features of your site
  • All designs are custom-made to be as advanced or as simple as you require
  • You will be provided with three different design layouts to choose from, each unique to your specifications and individual company features
  • Modular design and template systems reduce your page load time

Content Management Package Features Include:

  • Instant Access
    - Create password protected pages for your website by applying a username or password
  • Content Manager
    - Update your content with simple copy /paste or word processing type functionality; no need for a professional designer or IT department
    - Add pages and content to your site with the click of a button
    - All of the website pages within CMS are controlled by you.
  • Web-based Content
    - Log on and maintain your site from anywhere in the world.
    - No additional Software is required; control your content at no extra cost.
  • Object Hierarchy
    - You can have as many Sections, Departments, Divisions and Pages as you want
    - Organise the content within these sections, as you see fit
    - Link your menus to each category and the content within
  • Administrator Role Tracking
    - CMS allows you to assign specific roles to all those involved in the management of your site, effectively allowing you to verify the transactions on your site through unique recordings and time stamps.
  • User Manual
    - Your site comes with a fully customised user manual geared toward all the specific features and content you have chosen for your site, and how to manage and maintain that content.

Never Pay for Web Site Updates Again!

Your new Content Management System will pay for itself, and fast. No more maintenance bills! Whether you just want to edit the news on your home page, or update every page on your site, we can give you the tools to do so. Most updating is as easy as using the basics of Microsoft Word. Pay us to do the hard stuff... while you so the easy web updates that you can do easily yourself, from any computer with a web browser and internet connection, anywhere in the world.

What Does it Cost?

We don't want to charge you for what you don't need, so we consult with you on every aspect of the web site to figure out what will work best for you, then we give you a quote. Once the system is in place, it is FREE for the life of your website! Please contact us for a free quote.

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Registration & Hosting With hosting services on both Linux and Windows platforms, we pride ourselves in providing you the easiest and most comprehensive domain registration and online hosting, available. Choose from web hosting services in all existing coding languages, as well as the database infrastructure of your choice: mySQL and MSSQL; a developer’s dream.

Linux Web Hosting:
Incredible functionality, a 99.9% uptime guarantee, and unwavering flexibility without compromising stability, is our promise to you.

You get:

  • Free Domain Registration
  • Unlimited MySQL databases
  • Unlimited aliases
  • Unlimited sub-domains
  • Ability to accommodate both php4 and php5 coding

With each package including a CPanel Control Panel, which comes with free ready-to-install scripts and a host of additional technologies and security features, our Linux hosting solutions are your be-all and end-all, in all aspects of web domain registering.

Windows Web Hosting:
The Microsoft hosting platform is rich and technologically diverse. We offer you a piece of this diversity and help you to experience the full spectrum of the Microsoft web hosting platform. The Microsoft hosting platform allows you the freedom of choice between a number of database types and coding options:


  • MySQL and MSSQL


  • Php4
  • Php5
  • ASP.NET 1, 2 and 3.5

Windows hosting allows you the option of creating your own ODBC Data sources, as well as setting your choice of ASP version and the choice to enable or disable your parent paths. With a control panel that lets you configure just about anything, Windows web hosting is your answer to establishing and customising an advanced, sophisticated website.

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