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At Creative Designs, we know that owning your own business can be a very stressful thing 

Expert Designers

At Creative Designs, we know that owning your own business can be a very stressful thing and that website design, building your corporate identity and trying to decide on suitable branding for your company can add to that stress. That's where we come in with a team of expert designers and strategists, we work with you and your business to ensure that your branding and marketing is a success. We have over 10 years of experience and with that, comes speed, consistency and high quality work that will let your customers and competitors know that you mean business.

Our services range from website design, e-Commerce and content management systems to corporate identity, graphic design and company branding. When you decide to work with us, you're getting a service to build your business into a successful, memorable brand.

We know that in order to make your business a success, your brand needs to stand out amongst the ordinary, and we're here to help you do just that!.

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Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy is an umbrella term that covers multiple areas of a branding campaign

Brand Strategy

At Creative Designs, we understand that there is power in a name. Great branding inspires loyal fans and customers. Being able to define a company’s mission, purpose, and direction in a brand can change the way people think and live.

These life changing brands don’t happen by accident. They take strategic thinking, careful planning, and a lot of heart. At Creative Designs, the hard work comes first. We develop plans of action that position our clients for success in the marketplace.

We work with our clients to examine the value of their purpose and products. We help them define what they offer in a way that attracts an audience. We take on clients who are doing great things in the world- and we tell everyone about it.

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At Creative Designs, we pride ourselves in being branding and corporate identity specialists. 

Professional Design

The modern marketplace, both online and offline is saturated with organisations all vying for top honour. For your business to stand out amongst the masses, you need an organised, structured, balanced and effective brand identity. A brand that carries a consistency across all marketing collateral and visual communication.

Whether you are looking to refresh your existing identity or build a cutting edge new brand, we’re your team! To maximise your brand success, in-depth research is done on your company, industry, competitors, and target market in order to set you apart.

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Graphic Design Services

We work with you to define both your target market and competitors

Graphic Design Services

An investment in quality graphic design is an investment in your business success. First impressions count and it is imperative that every visual element of your marketing aligns with your value proposition, and that your Corporate Identity is carried through all marketing materials seamlessly. We provide a professional turnkey solution for all of your graphic design requirements, at a price that won’t break the bank.

We work with you to define both your target market and competitors. As a customer, you define your level of involvement in the design process – should you already have a detailed idea of what you’re looking for, we can work with you to bring it to life. Should you wish for us to “take the lead” and provide our professional insight, we’re equally happy to do so!

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Professional Website Design

Whether you are looking to revamp your existing website, or starting up the "next-best-thing", we are your website architects.

CMS Based Website Design
100% Mobile-Compatibity

Our website designs are  fully responsive and mobile compatible, out of the box - meaning that there is no need for additional mobile site development.

Quick & Easy DIY Updating

Our CMS-based websites allow you to control all aspects of your website, without needing any technical know-how. This means that you can effectively save thousands by doing it yourself. Alternatively, we have a variety of maintenance packages available at very affordable rates.

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Retainer Packages

At Creative Designs we have ongoing relationships with many of our clients through our retainer packages, specifically designed to maximise our clients’ business objectives, and contributing to their overall success. 

Why outsource your marketing team

By outsourcing your marketing to a specialised marketing company you are assured of high quality work and expertise at a fraction of the cost, knowing that your specific targets and goals are being met. Outsourcing also brings fresh thinking and extra resources even when you have an existing marketing team.

Why having a retainer with Creative Designs is really worth it

First off, we are affordable. Our retainer packages are an easy way to get full creative support while saving you from large overhead costs. 

We don’t compromise on being professional and are absolutely dedicated to helping make your business more efficient and effective. We offer a variety of plans to support your business requirements and budget while providing creative work that reflects your business strategy and mission. 

Most importantly, we are passionate about getting the best results for you.

When you sign up for a retainer with us, you get a whole team committed to doing the best job they can. You also get:

  • Savings on overhead costs and reduced fixed rates for significantly lower marketing costs 
  • The skills that you need when you need them. Technical and creative expertise and professional capabilities at your disposal. 
  • Time to concentrate on your core business while we meet your marketing goals for you.
  • A dedicated professional marketing team who can focus on what you need them to do. This includes a graphic designer, web developer and marketer
  • A new way of looking at things and fresh ideas. 
  • A unique ‘Pause Clause’ to give you some breathing room when you need it
  • A variety of plans to choose from to suit your business requirements 

We stay in regular contact to ensure you’re always in control, even if you are not on a retainer.

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